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Ahh sports, the national pastime. Football, Baseball and Basket Ball, not to mention all the rest, although the vote is still out on Cheerleading, but that is another topic. Americans love their diversions from life and sports is no doubt one of the biggest, but what happens when sports, or any activity for that matter, becomes more important to us than God? How does a Christian put God first? I have seen for many a year, Christians putting many things before God, attempting to ignore, justify, or even excuse the choices they have made.
Now don’t think that I hate sports, I love activities as much as the next person, I just believe that too many students, often supported by their family are communicating a message that is dangerous. The message is never stated verbally, but is communicated loud and clear none the less. Here it is. When it comes between going to church, or camp or some other church event and it conflicts with Baseball, pick baseball, because you have a responsibility to the team, the coach may get mad, you don’t want to get benched, so let’s bench God instead, he won’t mind will he? We sacrifice time in fellowship and spiritual growth to improve our swing? Where is our legacy? Where is our commitment? Where is our courage?
If only that was all there was to it? As Christians we day by day express our commitment to the Lord. My dream would be to see a student come to me and say “My coach told me that if I chose to skip practice for being on the Student Ministry Team, I wont start next year. So what time will our meeting start, cause I am putting God first.”
Now after I got up off the floor and started breathing again, I would be telling that student how incredibly proud of them I am for making a decision like that. There is so much pressure to perform today, in school, on sports teams and preparing for college. If students like you fail to develop character through the years by being involved in the body of Christ, who will you be when you get finished with college?
If you disagree with me let me know, what do you think. Am I off base? Too hard on sports? Hope to hear from you.
Keep the Faith and Give it Away



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