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I have to wonder just what the top objections are to the Christian Faith. Is it the fact of Evil and Suffering in our world? The Doctrine of Hell? The “Theory” of Evolution? The highly offensive claim of exclusivity that Jesus is the “Only Way”? Is it that science and religion are not supposed to mix? Or is it something else? Something much more obvious? Something much more dangerous? Maybe its me? Maybe it’s You? Many people respect and think highly of Jesus, but not His followers. There is a disconnect. Most Christians just don’t get it. I know I don’t always. I am not trying to bash believers, I am one, but what do we expect when humans run much of God’s PR campaign? We do as far as those outside the faith think.
I have an incredible privilege of being in ministry full time as a Student Pastor. While I love this there is one area that I miss from my old job in construction, it wasn’t the colorful language, the long drives, the temperature extremes or the low pay. It was the people I got to share my faith with day in and day out. People knew me for that. That is good. It doesn’t work so well here. I could attempt to evangelize my Pastor I suppose, but he has things to do, you get my point.
So let me encourage some of the believers out there, when you on the Job, in a loving and yet uncompromising way, let people know you, the real you, share the truth. We are called to be Ambassadors for Christ, we are to represent Him to the world. If we aren’t following his call on our life, odds are we are projecting a lousy image for the world to see.
For those of you who are investigating the faith, I would ask you to remember that while we may represent Christ, we are certainly not HIM. Please, don’t ever reject him, because of his followers. I believe it was Gandhi who said , “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I have to agree at times. Please keep looking for Christ and learn who He is.
Fellow Believers, this should wake us up. We don’t need to claim Christ, we need to BE Christ to the world!


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