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Where are they?


I have been really tired lately. I am having a difficult time capturing the correct word that would explain my disappointment, but since I can’t seem to I will get to the point. I am tired of the indifference and lukewarmness of Christians, myself included. I long to see Christians who are passionate and unashamed about God. If I admit the truth, many in church are far from this. I am not where I want to be either. Why are our lives so wishy washy? I wonder how many sitting in the churches on Sundays are truly God’s. Why do our beliefs and lives fail to match up? I want to know God in the way the Bible says Moses did. Exodus 33:11 “Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” I want to know and live for God in this way. Where are the others? I know that they are out there, but where? I pray we all take God’s calling to us seriously.


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