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The Message of Offense

Christ is offensive! The message of Christianity is offensive. Not everyone will accept Christ, so why do some churches, some Christians stay as far away as possible from not offending a non believer. I am all for being relevant and making the atmosphere inviting, but we should never pull a bait and switch. A bait is switch is tell them one thing, then when they are here give them something else. Neither should we sugar coat the truth with those we are trying to reach.

I want all Christian churches to grow, here in America as well as world wide, but at what cost. Some churches are small, because they need to learn how to best grow. Others are grown due to a watered down Christianity.

If we are going to reach those who are “lost”, we have to give them full disclosure about Christianity. Jesus said that we need to “count the cost” before we choose to follow him. We owe it to everyone we share our faith with to tell them Christianity is difficult and often a struggle, but it is worth the effort. Yes the true message of the cross will offend some, but can we really afford to compromise the message? Do we have the right to get people in the doors? Better that churches are healthy than “big”.


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