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I Blew It

I was sitting here in my office busily working on the needs of the”ministry” and a guy probably in his mid 50’s and a little bit worse for wear, poked his head in looking for some food. I told him that the church does try to help those in need as they can depending on if you have been here before and if there are funds to actually help. I also mentioned that it is not cash but a voucher and that the person who maintains the funds would be back in about 45 minutes or so and to come back then. He asked again just how long to be sure and then he left.

I blew it! Have you ever been a situation when you do something stupid and then someone smacks you for it right after it happens. That is what I felt like God did to me. I felt as if He was saying, why didn’t you look to feed his real need? Why didn’t you even ask about his life? Why didn’t you look beyond the physical to the Spiritual? What if that had been Me at your door?

I felt convicted and rightly so. I blew it, I failed, but I learned something. In this situation, I needed to take advantage of the opportunity that God provided. Not for the man but for me. That may sound a little self serving, but let me explain, God is gracious, compassionate, full of mercy, patient, and loves others far far far more than we do, so in no way to I see that I was the only one who was to reach that man, I am simply not that important, but had I acted, it would have helped me to grow in Christ, to have the qualities that I mentioned above, and little steps of action, with or without the right motivation would been the beginnings of habits that I need to from as a Christian, or as I like to say Godly Reflexes, a knee jerk reaction if you will.

We all need to get to that point of responding to God’s call to reach out. Maybe he would have said, “It’s none of your business.” Maybe he would have told me that he used to be a good father and husband till he started to rely on the bottle instead of his family for support. Maybe he would have told me that he has been running from God his whole life and felt he was beyond his grace and forgiveness. Or perhaps maybe he would have told me that he was a war vet and had seen too many horrible things in his life to believe in a God that could love him or anyone else for that matter. Truth is I simply don’t know because I didn’t act.

I hope that we can all stop working for God and start working with God when he provides us the chance. Doing so will bless us and others!


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