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As believers of “The Way” Christians are called to live for Christ. I love students, and here is a short list to consider as we all live out our faith for GOD.



  • That students would see their school as their mission field.
  • That students could navigate around their Bible easily, due to all the time they spent in it.
  • That the lives of our students consistently reflected God living inside them.
  • That kids refused to let the world determine who they are.
  • That each kid would spend unhurried and uninterrupted time daily with God.
  • Every student had a Godly adult or parent that was involved in youth ministry.
  • That each kid would aspire to be a leader and serve in their Student Ministry.
  • That we would pray as naturally as we breathed.
  • That every kid was plugged into a church where they felt loved and accepted.
  • That kids would go to God’s word the Bible for answers to life’s questions.
  • For students to use the gifts that God gave them for the purposes God intended.
  • That students could discuss theology.
  • That each kid knew that as believers, we aren’t here to follow rules, but to follow Christ.
  • That students would bring their Bibles as more than a show piece at church.
  • hat each student understood that because of God there is absolute truth and that it can be known.
  • That each kid was not afraid to step out, be seen and speak up for Christ.
  • That we remember that (fair or not) people’s opinion’s of God are shaped by believers.
  • That kids were the same person in and out of church.
  • That students would hide God’s word in their hearts.
  • That each kid had 5 or 6 other Godly adults investing into their lives.
  • hat each student would feel the burden for their lost friends.
  • That students would live in their Bible, highlighting, writing in the margins, marking it up and making notes.
  • That being part of Christ’s church was the best thing around.
  • That kids would be a great spiritual influence on their parents.
  • That parents would be a great spiritual influence on thier kids.
  • For students to be spiritual leaders in their schools, homes, circle of friends.
  • That students Bibles would never need dusting, just replacing.
  • That those same students would also go on to lead in their college, their job and family.
  • That students would be able to defend and share their faith with those they come in contact with.
  • That students would realize that they are responsible for their lives and faith in Christ.
  • That kids and adults would be honest about their difficulties and needs in their lives.
  • For each kid to know that God is always ready to hear from them any time of the night or day.
  • That our students would not graduate from their faith after they graduate from their High School.
  • That kids saw sin as sin and not as simply mistakes. Sin is an affront to God, not an oopsie.
  • That more parents would support Student Ministry in their local area.
  • That church was perceived as a loving place, not a judgmental place.
  • That each student would never be content with where they are currently in Christ.
  • That our Student Ministry was known for what we stand for and not what we stand against.
  • That students would not let the world dictate to them what they should look like.







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