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Eyes Wide Open

There is an amazing thing that happens when you become a parent. Your eyes are opened. I have the joy of being a father to a (almost) 5 year old boy. Tyler joined our family in 2003 from the hands of God and has absolutely changed the course of my life.


When Tyler was born I saw God in a way I had never seen him before. If I as a man born in sin can have a deep unconditional love for my son and my meager goodness comes from God, surely God’s love is infinitely greater and limitless. Now, in a new way I see that:

  • God’s love is deep and unconditional
  • God always ALWAYS has our best at heart
  • God does want our obedience or our sacrifice.
  • God has a deep desire to provide us with what we need.
  • God has a deep desire to provide us with what we want, if we are ready for it.
  • God will allow us to deal with the consequences of our actions as well as those of others to teach us that life is not fair at times and yet God will give us the strength to endure.
  • God loves to spend time with us.
  • God is overjoyed when we “get it”.
  • God laughs at us and with us.
  • God loves us even if we are angry with him or if we feel unloved by him or others
  • God thinks about us all throughout the day.
  • God understands more about life then we do and we need to trust him.
  • God will never stop being our Abba Father

My eyes are still being opened to new things daily, God is so amazing. I am so grateful for the love of God. I don’t believe that we will ever plum the depths of God’s love or see it in all its Glory and yet the proof of it is all around us, always available to us.

Keep the Faith and Give it Away


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