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Manga Messiah

     Hey have you guys seen this? Manga (pronounced “mahn-ga”) Messiah (put ou by Tyndale publishing) hails from Japan and is a relatively new art form here is the United States. Although, it has been around for a real long time in Japan, but has really gotten popular over the last few years hre in the U.S.

      There has been original Japanese series and even modern “Americanized” versions such as the original 3 episodes of Star Wars- sweet. Some others are titles called “Astro Boy, Apple Seed, Robothech” and many others.

     There is something new now, The Manga Bible from Genesis to Revelation and part of that is The Magna Messiah. It is about $12 bucks (check out or another retailer) and is full color, tries to caputre all four Gospels and it reads from front to back.

     If you have had a hard time getting into the Bible, this might be a frist step, NOT a substitution, but a frist step toward getting to know the Bible and ultimately God better.


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