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Just not Ready

     Well yesterday it happened. The day came that I had hoped would not enter my life for a long time. I walked in with a heavy heart, because I knew that I could not turn back the clock. I was feeling selfish and here I was walking the halls to the unknown. What traumatic event has encroached and interupted my life?


     I wish that I could freeze time, I feel like I am losing my little boy. I had to give up our weekly day together , our “Tyler / Daddy Day” and that was bad enough, but he was not in kindergarten yet, but now its official, he is registered and enrolled. I suppose all parents go through this, but that doesnt make it any easier. I dont want him to grow up, but I know that he will. So I will thank God for every time we have a pillow fight, each time I can pick him up and tickle him, each amazing unforgetable moment! 

     Tyler is smart, a great kid and excited for his  “new school”. He is more than ready to start his new adventure, but I am Just not Ready.


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