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The Wheels on the Bus…

     He seemed so small. There he was, my 4 year old son, preparing for his first day of Kindergarten. We got up early, made him breakfast that he barely ate, Packed his backpack that Kelly bought. It was smaller than most, but it still dwarfed him. From the back, he looked like a grunt carrying his 782 gear (I recall that well) and I thought he would fall over any minute, but he didnt.

     Well we waited 45 minutes for the Bus, but Tyler is got on and sat in one of the front seats, you could barely see his head in the window. As parents, we wondered how he would find his way around, if he would feel abandoned or if he would feel make friends. When he left, there was crying, complaining, indecesion, and then, there was Tyler. He did great, us not so much. It is hard to let go.


     Kelly has made him cookies for when he gets home and we will have a nice suprise for him when he gets back. It was a joy to see him off on his first day. As a parent I am proud and sad at the same time.

The wheels on the bus went round and round (its not just a song-go figure) and off he went.


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