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cross-necklaceOne Way? Or Many? Percentage of Americans who agree with the statement “Many Religions can lead to eternal life.”

Protestants– 66%

Evangelical Christians 57%

Catholics– 79%

Jewish– 82%

Muslim– 56%

Other Religions– 70%

(Source– Outreach Magazine Sept/Oct 2008, pg 36.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life) The first 5 on the list all share the Old Testament as a Holy Work, the first 3 are Christian Religions and accept the New Testament on equal footing. Questions to Think Over– Does this agree with what we know of scripture? If all religions are exclusive can they all be right? How does John 14:6 tie in. If Jesus believed it, was he wrong or did he lie? Is there absolute truth, or does it depend on the individual? What about you? One Way or Many?

I think that it is startling that so many who call themselves Christians simply don’t know the Bible or they one the say they follow!


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