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September 11th, it used to  be just another day, certainly not anymore. One of my students inveted me to a Sept 11th memorial at the local High School. I wanted to go to show support for him as he was involved in the service, I also wanted to go so I would never forget what happened that day. The lives that were lost. The fathers, brothers, moms, grandpas, sisters, aunts and so on.

     It is one of those events, at least for me, that I will never forget where I was and what I was doing. As I walked from one of my classes to see students staring up at TV’s in the Students Center, I didnt think too much of it, when I went into the “Eagles Nest” and it was packed as everyone was watching TV, I had to find out what was going on. We watched a people died, we prayed for this to be just a bad dream, but it was not.

     I served my country and am proud of the fact. Many dont think we should have gone on the offensive, however we must support the troops currently defending the freedom so many Americans take for granted, freedom that so many Americans dont realize wasn not gift wrapped for us with a nice bow. In the past we had to fight for it, today we fight for it and in the future if we want to maintain it, we will again have to fight for it.

     The Bible say that when Jesus came the first time, he came as a helpless child. I have read the end of the book and when he come back he is coming back as a Warrior King and he will make all wrongs right. Lets not forget 911, but lets not forget the big picture, God will wipe away every tear and bring justice to the world.


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