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Blaze of Glory

It coud have been bad, I kinda messed up, not totally, but I am changing somethings. Down in the student room at our chruch, I have this cool light. I want to convey to the students that we are God’s presence and that he will speak to us. Kinda like Moses and the Burning Bush right? So I have this lamp, that has a reddish orange light. It has a fan on it and some flame shaped pieces of material moving around the center. So that being said it looks like a flame and its really looks awesome in the window. However,… I found out this weekend it looks too good. Apparntly someone called someone (Not the fire department- Thank you LORD) and then someone called someone from the church… At 10 p.m. ha ha- not funny. They came to check it out. They turned off the lamp. Now I usually turn it off just to save electricity, but this time I forgot it and a passer by thought the worst. They were just doing what they thought best and I understand that. So anyway, lesson learned. It is funny cause my wife had suggested a day before to hang it on a wall in a corner (she is so smart- and I was going to listen, I just hadnt gotten around to it).

     I am just glad the fire dept didnt have a fire happy cadet who busted down doors, hosed the room and asked questions later. I am glad that God has a sense of humor,… others may not!


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