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Go Go Go

My little boy (Just turned 5) is now playing Soccer. He has yet to have his first game but he is excited! They are all so cute playing and trying to controll the ball. Getting excited at anything and everything new they learn. The team consistes of 6, but we have only seen 5. I love seeing them play.

     I am not blogging about about the fact that he is playing or that he is learning the game, but he is, what makes me proud is what I saw last night at practice. A simple thing, but something spontaneous. He was cheering on his friends. Go Go Go! He was celebrating with them when they did well and encouraged them when they did not. I am amazed at the size of the heart of a child.

     I am greatful that he gets it. Its not about being the best at soccer, its not about being the best kicker, runner, goalie or whatever, its about having fun with friends and leaving them better off then when they came. At 5 he gets it and that makes me one proud papa!


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One thought on “Go Go Go

  1. That’s what makes you and Kelly incredible parents. If I lived there, i’d totally come see him play. We love you guys!

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