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Why am I Here?

Why do we go to chruch?

     Every Sunday morning across America many people get up and prepare to walk through the doors of the church. Why do they come? Do they know the reason to be in a family of faith? I believe people come for various reasons. People go for help, to feel good, to get a friend off their back, to see what its really about, to earn their way to God, to get prayer, to clear their conscience and the list goes on. As I said, there are many reason, however I think that we can break it down into two basic categories and neither is inherently bad.  Using a sports metaphor, are we at church to sit on the “Bench” or “get in the game?” Spectators or Participants? I have to tell you I beleive that those who are actively engaged are more fufilled as Christians.

     Let me say upfront that I think that we should enjoy church, it should minister to us and we should find what we need to keep us string. Our need is a great place to start with chruch. However, if we stay there in our “bench” mentality as Christians, something is seriously wrong?

     So what do you think? Are the majority of Christians at church for the correct reasons? Is something broken in todays Christianity? Are we really being the church that Christ envisioned? Your call.


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