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Things that Go BUMP in the Night!

     Monday night the family was coming back from Tyler’s soccer practice and as we drove home, we passed a load of traffic. The Fair was in town, and blocking the road. I don’t like Fairs, they typically are not. They don’t seem safe, many of the workers are not overly friendly, but kids don’t critique, they simply see the lights and rides and people and think “Hey! I wanna do that!”.     
     Well at least Tyler did. So after feeding him, we went to the fair. Tyler rode everything he could and he had a blast. There was one “ride” or maybe attraction is a better word that Tyler only went on once. It was a Plexiglas (or maybe it was glass) maze that kids had to maneuver through. Now I don’t like fairs, but I could sit and watch kids on this attraction all day long!
     Seeing kids bouncing off walls is absolutely amazing. I tried to tell Tyler to stick out his hands which he did a few times, but then he chose not to and proceeded to bounce off the walls like all the others. If you ever have a fair in your town this is worth the admission fee!
     It made me think though of how stubborn we can be in life. God has a plan for us and so often we fight his best will for us and we think the road is clear and then BAM! We run into a seemingly invisible wall. Not once, but many many times (I hope you can relate too and its not just me). Does God laugh at us, well maybe at times, yet when we bounce off walls of sin and disobedience I believe that he hurts for us, as any parent would for his or her child. I hope that we will learn to seek out what God wants us to do.

1:5 If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1:5 (NLT)

Keep your hands out and God will lead you!






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