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Have you seen the bumper stickers? They are really creative. They are really nice. They are really dangerous! If you have seen the Co-Exist bumper stickers, you will eventually. They have the word Co-Exist, however they letters are substituted with religious Icons. The “C” for example is the Crescent moon and stary of Islam, the “O” is the peace symbol, the “E” is a male/female symbol, the “X” is the Star of David, the “I” is just an “I” with a pagan star within a circle, the “S” is an adapted yin and yang symbol, and finally the “T” is associated with Christianity.

While it may be nice to think that we should all get along and never argue, decieve or force others into our a particular way of thinking, we should not assume that each religious value represented here or those that are not are of equal value. In short, they cannot all be right. The views expressed are exclusive and cannot be a one size fits all.

Jesus says in John 14:6 that he alone is the way. Acts 4:12 agrees and so do many others. So if one claims to be the only way, the others by default must be wrong. Many Christians seem to think that its just being tolerant, I beleive that it is being ignorant of what Jesus taught and claimed. If you dont agree, read your Bible. Jesus was not afraid to be offensive and speak the truth and neither should we.

I believe that Christianity has more evidence for having truth than any of the others, but together, Christianity and the others, cannot Co-Exist.


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