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Honey the fridge is on fire!

flameToday is Tuesday. I have to say Tuesday is one one of my favorite days. Top seven easily. I am glad that I can write this on Tuesday because on Monday, our apt/house could have burned down. To this day, I have yet to see a gas powered fridge and yet in the midst of haze and burning smell, there was an orange flash at the bottom of the fridge! This event was the icing on the cake of disaster we have had in the last 30 or so days.

It has been a rough month, in the last 30 days, we have need for a new car, new job, new apartment and a new church. We have been hit hard and our faith is being tested and we are having to rely on God like never before. However even though this has been one of the most difficult and trying times I have experienced in quite sometime, God is faithful and who else can I rely on. Despite all the hardship, Life is good.

I mean hey, I woke up this morning (didn’t die in my sleep due to smoke inhalation). My son laughed and gave me hugs and kisses at the bus stop. My wife is at my side and loves me. We have a roof over our head, food in our NEW Refrigerator LOL. Gas in the car. We have a car (even though it needs some work). My son has toys in his room and a smile on his face. We had a nice Thanksgiving. We have family that loves, cares and prays for us. I have SOME money in the bank. We have Christmas presents for our son. We have our health, although it could be better. Our son amazes us daily with his love for God. We have some great friends in our lives. We have people praying for us. And most of all, we have a God who loves us in amazing ways.

I could be down about some things, but I have to look at all the great things in life. God has made promises to us and I believe that he will keep them. He has always taken care of us. God’s word is a big encouragement. So is my family and extended family. I know that you too may be dealing with some tough times. I hope you will keep all the great things in mind.



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One thought on “Honey the fridge is on fire!

  1. Kind of ironic that fire is often something that is used to refine us!
    Hold firm to the truth that God is preparing you, refining you for the future that he has in store for you!

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