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I came across this statistic the other day and I was really saddened by it. I am not sure it is absolutely accurate, but I would not be surprised if it was true. Here is how it starts, “95% percent of Christians have never….” Now starting right there brings to mind Christians who are concerned with all the things that they DONT do because they are Christians. You know the list; they don’t drink, lie, and cheat on their taxes, steal, watch “R” movies, cuss and the rest of the don’ts. Now it is great that they don’t get involved in these things, but too many times as Christians we tend to stop there with a self-satisfied attitude as we look down our noses at those who live for the list and we feel much better about ourselves and our standing before a Holy and Just God. Man talking about missing the boat. It is said that there are two reasons that people don’t go to church, they don’t know anyone who goes to church, or they do. That is a sobering thought. We are not always the representative of Christ he has called us to be.

     SO what is it that 95% of Good Christians don’t do that is saddening? Any Guesses? Well I will leave it here and wrap it up next time.

95% ??? Hmmm

95% ??? Hmmm


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