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95% Part II

So where were we. We were talking about what 95% of Christians have never done. Even as I type this I find it very hard to believe, and yet I don\’t have any trouble realizing that its true. So what is it? 95% of Christians have never shared their faith with anyone! Never obeyed God\’s call to tell anyone about him. What is really a shame is that Christians have the truth and yet it is the other world religions and cults that go on the offensive and work hard to share the truth. Yes it is difficult to share your faith, but God has called us to do that very thing even if its hard, uncomfortable or difficult. Going to the cross was not comfortable, easy or convenient, but he did it. Who are we to fail to at least let others know? When I stand before God, I don\’t want to fail to have souls in heaven that I helped get there. Are you in this 95%?


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