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Churches Bad Reputation

In Church we have been going over the Sermon on the Mount, or what our Pastor calls Christ’s manifesto. He had made two comments that made me think about how Christians, of which I am one unashamedly, are perceived.

Number One: He talked about a friend of his that he knew that either owned or managed a resteraunt.  According to this person, he said that it was tough to get people to work shifts on Sundays, not because they wanted to go to church, but because of people who go to church. Wait staff said that Christians can be rude, cheap and obnoxious. Its pretty sad. inside I had a list of objections but knew the truth. Christians can be like that. Many that claim to be Christians arent really, they are just under a religious obligation, or a works based religion. Not an excuse, but a reality.

I want to treat others the way I want to be treated, to love the way I want to be loved. God didn’t give us the choice of “who” to love, he just said love.

Number Two: He also mentioned how we wrongly reflect Christ. You have seen it, the little fish on the car. I think they are fine, but when you see some, you wonder if they know it is even there, I mean it’s not like some Holy tagger slapped the fish on the back of their car without their knowledge. The Pastor talked said that even how we drive is a reflection of Christ. So here is the funny part. I pulled out of the parking lot heading to my moms to have lunch and a big SUV cuts me off trying to get into a left turning lane. Guess what I say on the back? Yep, the Fish. It gets worse, there was a sticker on the window from the church I attend. I wanted to flag them down and ask them if they were in the same room I was?! Do people listen, or do they just not care. Christians are certainly not perfect, but when we ignore the basics of Christianity, we fail Christ.

A Final Thought

Not a Christian? Don’t evaluate Christ by Christians. You will totally get the wrong picture. If you are unsure about Jesus and Christianity, don’t look at a fallen man and throw the book at Christ so to speak, sinful men will always sin, look to Christ.

A Christian? If you are a Christian, be responsible, you have a Lord in Heaven who expects you to love others as you claim to love Him. I hope that in time, when I lock eyes with a person, I will see Christ and treat them that way. I am certainly not there yet, but I certainly hope that I will be closer day by day.


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