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Downturn and Downtime

Life has been pretty hectic for he last couple of months. We have had some major life changes. We have changed schools, churches, where we live and it has all been for the best. We are closer to family and my wifes work so that is great. However I had to leave my job and as we all know, job are not exactly as prolific as bills in the mail box.

So I have been working with all due diligence to stay off the proverbial couch, and the real one and stay busy as I look for work.

Here is what I am doing, if anyone has experienced being out of work, what did you do?

Studying to learn something new. Working in the Yard. Being industrious-I am going to “try” to build bookshelves. Keeping up with past professional skills. Helping family and friends as often as I can. Listening to Audio Books. Spending time with my wife and son. Reading my Bible. Volunteering at a local DJJ center to hold “Church”. Volunteering at Church by helping to start a Men’s Ministry. volunteering with the Student Ministry. Spending time with my wife and son. Studying for a MAT test, I am looking into getting my Masters? Working Out. Spending time with my wife and son. Catching up with old friends. Seeing my mom more = ). Going to the library. Netwoking, Looking for Jobs and of Course Praying.

I hope that all of us who are not working right now will use our time wisely. I am encouraged that God is faithful and will see us through.


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One thought on “Downturn and Downtime

  1. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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