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I wish God were here,…

     Tyler and I were driving home from soccer practice on Monday. It was a great day. We were listening to a Christian Talk show. I believe it was Focus on the Family and favorite of mine.

Tyler is a smart and perceptive Kid (Gets it from his mom) and he heard the voice on the radio say the words “killing babies” and of course a remarkable yet short conversation ensued. “Daddy is that true” “Yes, I am sorry to say that it is Tyler.

Some people think that it is okay to kill babies before they are born.” (Usually when I talk to him while he is in the back, I will tilt the rear view mirror so I can see him. As I looked back he furrowed his eyebrows in a look of indignant concern and he said something I will always remember.) “Daddy I wish that God was here!” “I wish that he was here too, so people could see him, but he is here and some people just don’t care, so we have to.”

It made me think about how God used to be so important in our country. Now he is marginalized or simply ignore, even though we hear the statistics that 90% believe in God and claim to be his followers. “I wish God were here!”

25 In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. Judges 21:25 (NLT) He dropped the subject after that but I am continually thankful for the character God is developing in him. I feel loss over all the amazing children like him that are not here today due to abortion. I am glad that one day God will set everything right.


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