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Stupid People Tricks

I had a conversation with a friend concerning a church he knew about that had a split about too much grace! Wow. One leader pitted against another and boom half the church gone. Now in regards to the “split’ I certainly don’t know all the details or particulars, but it is obvious that communication didn’t happen. I am not saying that people didn’t talk, just that communication didn’t happen while under the authority of the Bible. And we think unbelievers should act like us?!


The context revolved around how we  treat people who may come to church and interact with the body of believers. At what point do we hold people responsible to be accountable to: “stop living in sin”? How long do we extend such grace? Some will say we are looking the other way. Others will say we are loving people where they are. There in lies the argument. It important to make a distinction between the people we are considering. We cannot expect non-believers to act like believers. Let’s be honest, many believers don’t act like believers (thus the need for GRACE).

Here are my thoughts on the subject.

1. God is a God of Grace. He is in an ongoing ministry of reconciliation and that means that he is daily extending grace to each of us. By the way, none of us are deserving.

2. God’s grace does has his limits. At some point in time, he will withdraw his mercy and give us over to our own hardness of heart.

3. We cannot sacrifice the Truth for Love (Grace): Thought Process-“I love someone so much I better not offend them with the truth.”

4. We cannot sacrifice Love (Grace) for the Truth: Thought Process-“I am going to tell them where they are going wrong whether they want to hear it or not.”

5. We do a disservice if we are not actively making disciples and constantly attempting to move people to their “Next Step” in Christ. If we fail here, how can we complain?

6. Preaching only one of either Grace or Truth can become a dangerous prospect. Grace only can create an easy believeism. Truth only can create legalism and dissuade those honestly seeking faith.

7. We should always love others, but we should never fail to call sin sin or to let them know God’s thoughts on the subject to do so would be absolutely wrong!

8. If we are going to err on one side, err on the side of GRACE! Isnt that what you would want.

Grace Grace God’s Grace!


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2 thoughts on “Stupid People Tricks

  1. You’ve brought up some interesting points here. This is my first time here – I intend to return in search of some new content.

    • kealnt on said:

      Thanks Joel,
      I am always interested in feed back. I would love to hear differing perspectives and real life applications. – Kenn

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