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The Real Reason

When you share your faith with spiritual skeptics or seekers, they typically fall into two categories, either they want to believe, knowing that there is more to this life. Or they simply do not want to believe, knowing that if the claims of Christ are true they will have to make major changes in they way they live their lives.

It is important to help others find out what it is that is really keeping them from believing. It is about helping people get honest. If people are simply not ready to believe, no evidence will suffice. One of the best things you can do is to be a friend. They should never be nor should they ever feel like a project to you. Help them discover what objections they may have that are really smokescreens and which are genuine.  What is the real reason they are “stuck” where they are? Remember that no matter where they are, they need time and Grace. Listen to them, hear them out, understand what shapes their world view today. God will open the doors and remember you may be one of many steps in this persons journey to God.


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