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Well I have just begun my adventure into a bigger world of Masters Work at the University of West Florida. I am working toward a degree in Social Work. The faculty is first rate! God has been amazing in putting everything in place to allow me to attend this school. With each experience my confidence grows in God who deserves no less than my total trust.

     I just wanted to share with some of you who may have been out of school something funny that I noticed.  We were in class on the first day discussing the class, what is expected and how things work. The conversation turned to homework and how we use the University’s online system E-Learning for most everything, such as papers, quizzes, exams, feedback, homework and the like. The professor mentioned how we could simply upload our weekly papers on E-Learning, as he did not want to handle any hard copies. I asked him if that was the case, then the days of “My dog ate my homework!” were truly over. Technology is truly amazing. I wonder if he will accept something for a new generation, like “The Virus corrupted my document.”? I going to try it sometime and see if it gets me a response or an extra day to get in an assignment LOL. Time will tell.


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