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Real Christianity???

What does it take to be a real Christian? One that is genuine in a hypocritical world? Thoughts anyone….

I am asking because I want to know what (after salvation) sets us apart. It seems like many Christians are confused or conficted about what it is we are supposed to be and do?  How can we be real to those within and those outside the church. I have a few thing I will blog about and I am looking for feedback.

  • Honest about our struggles and… a willingness to share them, as we seek to carry the struggles of those around us.
  • To be a community where we are known accepted and cared for.
  • We are consistently growing in our faith, dedicating time to knowing about God and knowing God personally through the Bible and prayer.
  • By having our faith dictate the way we live. We should not compartmentalize our faith, allowing it freedom at church, and yet tucking it away at work or among those who may be “offended”. Furthermore how can we claim Christianity and hold beliefs clearly contrary to Biblical teaching?
  • Outreach. If we are not sharing what we claim we believe, I question our belief.
  • Loving others as God does. This doesnt mean we will please everyon, but we never trade love for truth or truth for love.

Honest. Genuine. Real. Its what I want to be. I dont want this to turn into a to do list but a better way of living for God.

I would love your feedback!


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