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Social Work Challenges

Well I have been in school for almost half of a semester and it has been quite an experience. I am working on a Masters in Social Work. I can only liken the workload to the waves of the ocean. The waves just don’t stop and some are big enough to knock you down if you aren’t paying attention. It has been great to be with a group of diverse students who have challenged me to know more about why I believe what I believe. Our class is VERY diverse in our beliefs. Abortion, homosexuality, prayer in schools, right to die, marriage,… many hot button issues. Yet we are learning to come together for a common goal. Like how to survive for now. I am learning to listen with new ears. It has been good. I am getting practical opportunities to care for and love those who have views drastically different than my own.  Unfortuantely, it seems that Social Work as a whole is at best apathetic toward Christianity and at worst hostile. I just hope that I can be the light that God wants me to be.


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