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A Very Rude Awakening


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 A decade is a long time to wait for justice, as I believe that is what the death of Osama Bin Laden is.  I have to wonder what he thought as he stood not before Mohamed but rather before Christ. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  He may not have believed on this side of life. But I bet he does now.

Unfortunately, no doubt someone will likely replace him.  It has surely already happened.  This is not the kind of war that we can win with weapons.  This is a war of ideologies.  This is Issac and Ishmael and God told us that they would constantly be at war.  He hasn’t been wrong so far.  Worldviews and hearts will have to be what changes.  Bullets, missiles and other weapons will only prolong this war.

I don’t think that we should stand by and do nothing however we need to be realistic about what will win this war.  I am praying that God will continue to work in the lives of those who follow this path of “peace”.   So long Osama, I cannot say you will be missed, we will have too much to do dealing with the chaos you leave behind.


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