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Easter Eggs and The Missing Link

It’s funny how every year if you are involved with big Easter events where they hide eggs invariably a week or so later, a kid will find a few more eggs filled with candy that by this time has gone bad and they don’t need anyway.  This happened just last week at my internship.  Some of the kids at the agency I have the privilege to volunteer at decided to look around the bushes and sure enough they found eggs.

It makes me think about good old Darwin and his evolutionary tree.  We are still looking for these missing links.  I am amazed at the audacity of what evolutionists call discoveries and then taught in school as fact.  “Java Man” came about in 1891 and no he was not from Columbia, nor was he found with a coffee cup in hand from Starbucks, but what they did find of him was a skullcap, a femur, and 3 teeth. Interestingly, the femur was found 50 feet away and a year later from the skull-cap.  There were many uncertainties tied to Coffee Boy to take him seriously!

In 1922 a tooth was discovered in Nebraska, and this tooth, was the introduction of Nebraska Man.  Not bad actually, God created man from dust, evolutionists only needed a tooth and they constructed a whole person. Amazing! Too bad the tooth was later identified to have come from a wild pig!

Then there was Piltdown Man who was a deliberate hoax.  The jaw of an ape was stained to match the color of a human skull and other bones were stained and reshaped.  Notable paleoanthropologists were deceived and gave their thumbs up saying that Piltdown Man was the closest “human form yet discovered”.

Can I ask the obvious?  If we did evolve and Darwin is right shouldn’t there be prolific transitional evidence left behind?  Why can’t scientists admit what science is telling us? I think it is because they have forgotten what science is about.  It is about letting the evidence take you where it will.  The evidence does not take us in the direction of evolution, but rather in the direction of Intelligent Design and I will say a Creator. However in the Scientific Community taking that stance is a death sentence, but it’s honest. They don’t want to answer to God.  They would rather declare God dead.  Well they are partly right he did die, but he didn’t stay dead!


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