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Five Reasons why the Bible is the Most Important Book on Earth! Reason Five

Reason #5:
It connects you to history’s most
important figure

You may have heard of the “God-Man,” Jesus of
, also called the “Christ” (i.e.”Anointed One”). You may even think
you know him. But if you have not read the account offered firsthand throughout
this book, you will, in effect, know nothing definite about him. The entire Old
Testament points to his coming, and the entire New Testament testifies to his
teachings and actions.

  • His name has been used to bless people and it has been used as a curse word
    by those who despise him. People have been healed and set free in his name. One
    thing is for sure: when you meet Jesus in the pages of this book and understand
    who he claims to be it is impossible for you to remain indifferent to him.
  • This story is either the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind or it
    describes Jesus as exactly who he claims to be: the Supreme Lord and Ruler over
    all of mankind and the very creator God of the Universe. Logically speaking,
    this is either a nice poetic story created from a fantasy with an intent to
    deceive you or a clear and accurate picture of God, who is our judge ( both mine
    and yours). You decide. If you think you know about God already, consider the
    source of that “knowledge” and examine if this book may, in fact, be a better
    source for true knowledge about the one true Creator God that made you and
    everything else, both known an unknown in this Universe.
  • People are free to reject this book and what it says. God made us “free
    moral agents” to choose as we desire. Yet, people violate the teachings and
    wisdom of this book at their own peril.
  • Because of the main person in this book, Jesus of Nazareth, time has been
    split into two main epochs (B.C. “before Christ” and A.D. “anno Domini” for
    “year of our Lord”).
  • Each year, over a billion people celebrate his birth, his death and his
    bodily resurrection from the dead.
  • Jesus is the only religious leader ever to make the claim that he has risen
    from the dead. All others are dead and buried. Abraham is dead. Moses is dead.
    Mohammed has died and remains dead, Buddha is dead, Gandhi is dead. Only Jesus
    claims to be alive. Even Muslims revere Jesus as a holy man and a great prophet.
    All told, about half of the world today accepts that this Jesus was a great and
    remarkable personage.

From the Pocket Testament League


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