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Five Reasons why the Bible is the Most Important Book on Earth! Reason Two

Reason #2:
People are willing to die for this book

People have died torturous deaths
simply to gain access to this book. You may, even now, be in a country where  this book is discouraged or even banned outright. In many countries it is a  crime to distribute or even possess this book.

  • This book has been praised, cursed, restricted, banned, desecrated, burned  and fought over. People swear on it and at it.
  • Some have tried to eliminate it. All who have tried have failed. People have  suffered exquisite tortures and loss of freedom and even their lives for  printing it. This has occurred recently and over many centuries past, as well.  It is, in fact, a regular occurrence in this world.
  • This book is simultaneously hated and loved. Once read it would be impossible to be indifferent to it; for its claims are monumental and beyond exaggerating. It provokes a strong response in either a positive or negative direction; you will either love it or hate it. It was meant to be so by design.  It is so controversial that wars have been fought over its interpretation. Governments have toppled on account of it and kings have been deposed because of  it. Most importantly, lives have been dramatically changed for good because of  this book.

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