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“Ripped Off”

It is not unusual to have to learn hard lessons at a young age. Today my son Ty, had to learn one. At least hard for a 2nd grader.  He went to his summer club and they like to play with “Bey Blades”. If you are not familiar with them, they are essentially “high tech” tops, that “battle” each other in competitions. A month ago, Ty had zero, yesterday, he had 7. Today, when he went to bed, he had four. Someone had went into his locker and “Ripped Him Off”. He was quite upset.

However, we were able to talk about it later. I have to ,that I am proud of my son. Tonight he prayed for the kid that took his stuff and forgive him or her. I know it was hard for him to do so. I am thankful for his willingness to do so.  I know that there are much bigger life issues, but for him this is another step toward maturity.

God tells us that if we expect us to receive his forgiveness when we blow it, we need to be ready to extend forgiveness not only to our friends and family, because that can be easy.  Ultimately we need to be ready to offer it to people we don’t like, to those we would call our enemy, so that they wont remain so. And no matter what, whether or not the person returns your toys or not, you did what pleases God and you made me proud.


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