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10 Ways to Get Kids to Self Destruct

So how do you get your kids to self destruct and make a mess of their life in 10 easy steps? Well if you ever wondered its pretty easy.

10. Don’t invest in your marriage, let them know relationships are disposable.

9.  Make sure that they know you love them only if…..

8.  Teach them that the world “Owes Them” by doing everything for them.

7.  Allow them to just take for granted that evolution as taught in the classroom is true and that we are evolved monkeys, this provides lots of worth for life!

6.  Teach them that there are absolutely  “No Absolute”s, except for this one of course.

5.  Teach them that there is no right or wrong, it only matters what you “feel” about something.

4.  Spend as little time with them as possible, stay busy and enjoy yourself, they can entertain themselves.

3.  Let them know loud and often when they have messed up, forget telling them you love them, you don’t want them to get a big head.

2. Downplay education and critical thinking, they don’t need to be smart, just rich.

1.  Let them grow up thinking that they don’t need God, or better yet that there is no God, after all if God is real, we only accountable to ourselves!


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