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The Crux

Christianity has an amazing amount of evidence that supports it.  One only has to look and discover
it.  However there is one thing that could bring Christianity down to the ground. One thing that could end 2000 years of faith to a screeching halt. If this could be proven, life it would literally alter the course of our present day culture.

This one thing is quite simply, the Resurrection of Christ. In otherwords, was the tomb that Christ was laid in empty?

Here are some facts. Jesus died by Roman crucifixion, he was buried, his Disciples fled, his tomb was found empty, what happened to the body? There are many questions, doubts, skeptics as well as theories to go along with them.

Here are a few we will discuss.  Any discussion or input would be great!

1).  Jesus Never actually died.

2).  Jesus only passed out and appeared to die.

3).  Jesus died, but the disciples stole the body

4).  They all went to the wrong tomb.

5).  Those who saw Jesus were simply Hallucinating

6). The disciples stole the body

7). It wasn’t Jesus on the cross but a substitute.

In the weeks and months to come I hope to look at each.


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2 thoughts on “The Crux

  1. Recommended reading:

    Who Moved the Stone, Frank Morrison

    • kealnt on said:

      Hey Wisdom Fish! I have heard of that one although I have never owned it. I am finishing up another semester and have a couple of dozen blogs I wish I had time to write,… but I would like to begin here. Thanks for your input!

      I hope you will join us in the days to come!

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