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What the Atheists Get Right!

Religion has done a lot of damage.

Many Atheists say they hate religion. And they have good  reason.

The word comes from the Latin and actually means to “bind back”.  Religion has been man’s attempt  to get to God by being bound to good deeds and earning his good favor through  religious rituals. Isaiah 53:1-3 demonstrates that no one is good. Isaiah 64:6,
God says that our attempts to be holy on our own are like “filthy rags”. We  have nothing to offer God.

God is disgusted by religion more than many atheists. Jesus  was often at odds with the Religious leaders of his day.  The religious crucified Jesus, Mk 15, saw to  the execution of Stephen Acts 8, and throughout history those with religious  powers have corrupted that power and twisted what God intended.

If you are a Christian reading this, remember that God loves the atheist.  It does us no good to simply ignore their complaints and doubts about religion.

If you are not a Christian and you are reading this, please  do me a favor and don’t confuse Jesus with religion.  Don’t fail to take a second look at  Christianity and more importantly at Christ because of religion.


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