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Tyler’s Surf Camp 2011

Tyler got to have a great time learning to ride the waves with his aunt at surf camp. He has never done this before and I have no skill whatsoever for surfing so I wasn’t sure how he was going to do. He said that he was a bit nervous the night before he went and when he came back he was thrilled. He had a lot of fun. Seems he got a nickname, “The Natural”. This was a four day camp to learn basic skills and the waves were great for first timers.  His aunt who took him longboards and surfs a bit so no doubt he learned a lot from her as well, plus he just loves to hang out with her. With any luck he will go sometime soon and maybe he will go to camp again in 2012? I am so proud of my son!!!!

Oh by the way, I hear that they will have a special guest next summer. He is supposed to have amazing skills. His wet suit is a bit different, but you had better not tell him you don’t like it. Check the bottom of the post for a sneak peek!



Yep Keep Going

Almost There

It should be a heroic summer!


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