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The Mormon Mirage: A Book Review

The Mormon Mirage:

A Former Member Looks At The Mormon Church Today
Third Edition
By Latayne C. Scott

First Look

The Mormon Mirage is a reluctant yet powerful story of one woman who has stepped quite literally out of a life that was based on a work of fiction. It was a story she believed and loves to this day I would imagine based on the heartfelt compassion she demonstrated for the Mormon people.

I am not Mormon, I have never been Mormon, however I have relatives who are and that is the closest I will ever come to a first hand experience.

Yet Latayne Scott was there and she believed.

This book, in fact the author herself, as will any person, group or publication that differs in opinion with the LDS church will be labeled ANTI-MORMON, but don’t kid yourself, this book will give you the history and facts on the LDS Church that for some reason are so inflammatory and divisive,… just look at the blog posts I get.  Mormonism is simply not the same as Christianity.  The LDS Church does so many good things, but Latayne chronicles her journey to discovery of Biblical Christianity, not what was conceived in the mind of Joseph Smith. That wont be popular.
The 3rd edition is the latest version of her book, in this edition you will also find her more recent research and opinions. Mrs.Scott writes as if she were there with you, talking to you over a cup of coffee in a conversational and straight forward manner. There are many references to support her statements, as she is not simply talking from her own personal experiences, but from LDS Doctrine as well. So please, feel free to follow-up and do your own research drawing your own conclusions.

Part One

  1. A Gentle Apostasy: Mrs. Scott’s personal history and conversion story.
  2. The Joseph Smith Story: The of life Joseph Smith from Mormon, Non-Mormon, and Ex-Mormon sources.
  3. The Book of Mormon: ” The Most Correct of Any Book”?: Information about the Book of Mormon, how it was transitioned, its contents, what it means to Mormons today.
  4. One Bible, Two Books of Commandments, and Unlimited Wives: How Mormons view the Bible and the translations used by the LDS church. The history, contents and teachings of the LDS Scripture “The Doctrine and Covenants”.
  5. The Perils of the Pearl: The history, contents and teachings of the LDS Scripture “The Pearl of Great Price”.
  6. The Precarious Summit of Continuing Revelation: The different groups who follow Joseph Smith’s teachings. The nature, and mechanics of LDS Revelation. Joseph Smith’s successors and continuing revelation.
  7. The Mormon Pantheon: Topics covered in this section are the eternity of man, the idea of pre-existence, the Mormon view of God ,The belief that one may attain godhood (or goddesshood), The Mormon view of God as a progressive being, the Adam-God doctrine, the Mormon view of Christ, his conception, marriages, other LDS doctrine, the Mormon view of the Holy Ghost, the Mormon view of Satan and evil spirits. the Mormon view of angels as resurrected and translated beings.
  8. Salvation and Exaltation: The idea of Salvation vs Exaltation, The Mormon view of Baptism, Baptism for the dead and Proxy Baptism. The different types of Endowment for Exaltation, Temple Ceremonies, Sins which prevent Exaltation, The Mormon Doctrine of Resurrections.

Part Two

  1. Issues and Challenges Facing Mormonism in the 21st Century Part One
  2. Issues and Challenges Facing Mormonism in the 21st Century Part Two
  3. Conclusion

Addendum-Evangelizing Mormons in the 21st Century
For Further Reading
Subject Index
Mormon Scripture
Scripture Index


She is compassionate but doesn’t cut corners. The Mormon Mirage is a powerful book that digs deep into Mormonism and its culture. I like that it has been redone for a new generation and notes changes that have occurred within the LDS Church. What is revealed is just how different LDS Doctrine is from Christianity. What is also revealed is just how much love Scott has for the Mormon people and her struggle in leaving the LDS.

If you don’t know much about the LDS church this may surprise you, as it does many Mormons. Scott is not writing this book in retribution for betrayal but to reveal the truth that needs to be told.

This book can be found at the following link:

About The Author
Latayne C. Scott is the award-winning author of over a dozen books, published by major Christian publishers such as Zondervan, Moody, Baker, Word and others. She has published approximately 15 books and recently has released “Latter Day Cipher”.

Synopsis: When rebellious Utah socialite Kirsten Young is found murdered in Provo Canyon with strange markings carved into her flesh and a note written in a 19th Century code, questions arise about the old laws of the Mormon Church. Journalist Selonnah Zee is assigned the story—which quickly takes on a life of its own. Even before the first murder is solved several more victims appear,
each one more mysterious than the last.

Adding to a slew of other distractions, Selonnah’s cousin, Roger, has recently converted and is now a public spokesperson for the Mormon faith. But paradoxically, Roger’s wife Eliza is struggling to hold onto the Mormon beliefs of her childhood. If something is really from God, she wonders, why does it need to be constantly revised? And could the murderer be asking the same questions?

Web Site:


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12 thoughts on “The Mormon Mirage: A Book Review

  1. Still at it, huh? Well, I hope you find your work fulfilling and that it is appreciated.

    If you ever have a desire to have an open conversation on LDS doctrine, beliefs and theology, shoot me a message. I’d be happy to speak with you through whatever medium is most convenient.


  2. kealnt on said:

    Still at it? What do you mean? I would love to have an open coversation on LDS doctrine.

  3. kealnt on said:

    Why do you believe the LDS Church is True?

  4. Do you wish to continue here? This is somewhat an unwieldy medium.

    Let me counter with a more fundamental question: Why do believe in God? To follow up, why is that belief important? What difference does it make?

  5. kealnt on said:

    This is what I find so difficult when talking to so many LDS. It is so hard to get a question answered LOL!

  6. . . . if you are actually interested in having a discussion about this, then I’m all in. If not, please say so.

  7. I am and I asked you a question LOL. I will do so again,.. Why do you believe that the LDS Church is the True Church Restoring Christianity to what it was meant to be? I’m in.

  8. I appreciate you being willing to talk Justin,.. I am just not sure how I am miscommunicating my question. I am really interested in the question I asked you,.. and not just from a doctrinal point of view, but for you,.. personally. Does it go beyond reading the BOM and a Testimony? That is the most common for LDS I would have to say,.. but maybe not for you?

  9. First: I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and were able to spend it in good company.

    The question you ask is not one with a simple answer. You are asking nothing less than the reasons why I have allied by intellect, funds, philosophy, time, and faith to a particular religious denomination. I cannot answer something so profound in a sentence. So does it go beyond reading a book and getting a warm, fuzzy feeling? Absolutely. I’ve spent my entire adult life studying and pondering what and why I believed. I’ve read many, many thing, considered arguments for various sides (there are far more than two), sought God myself on several occasions, lived what my Church endorses, experienced a lifestyle contrary to Mormon teachings, studied dozens of different religions and mystical traditions, to name some. With such a history behind my faith, and I would assume a similar list of learning and experiences behind yours, makes it difficult for us to find common ground upon which to begin a conversation like that.

    To even get to a place where we understand each other, we need to understand what our feelings are concerning deity. WHY we believe in the first place. If we can’t even understand this, we will never appreciate why we endorse our particular denominations.

    • Hello Justin,
      I wanted to say that I was really glad to hear from you. I wanted to say that I am finishing the remainder of my tasks to complete my semester. I do want to correspond with you if you are willing to actually tackle the tough topics that most LDS dismiss or explain away. I find that to be very telling of what they truly know or undeI stand. First know that I have no issue with any LDS individual, unless they willingly mislead someone about the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If they do not know thier own history, I cannot blame them for passing on what they know. However I do have issue with LDS DOCTRINE,.. again not people DOCTRINE. Most every LDS person I have met is truly a “good” person, and if that is what it took to get to heaven, to be with God,.. then any religion that teaches its adherents to be good would be an equal way to God.
      I can appreciate that I asked you a major Question. If we can talk here it would be great,… we could start off with some key topics and ask questions, each alternating if you would like.

      But as I said prior, I am ending classes, so I will not have much time right now,.. but as I do I will put my thoughts together and then post at the same time instead of a sentence here and a few lines there. I look forward to our exchange,… I am truly interested in having questions answered and learning why you believe what you believe.
      And thanks for the Holiday wishes I hope that you also had a great Thanksgiving as well.

      So is this your first Question? “WHY we believe in the first place.”
      Take Care!

  10. Hello Justin,.. in considering your Question “Why believe in the first place?” What is it specifically you are wanting to know? Why I am a Christian? Why I believe the Bible )as opposed to the standard works?). I believe for many reasons. I have seen God act on my behalf through things that may be thought of as “subjective” circumstance, prayer, blessings, my relationship with Jesus Christ as well as things that are “objective” evidences that deal with archeological, historical, cultural, ,… basically extra biblical confirmations of what I have already affirmed in both the Old and New Testament. However a stark difference is that the LDS Church emphasizes a “burning in the bosom”, whereas Christianity focuses on both faith and evidence for that faith.

    So what do I believe?

    Sola Scriptura means “Scripture Alone” and is authoritative for the faith and practice of the Christian. The Bible is a complete closed cannon, authoritative, and evidentially true. (Keeping in Context 2 Tim 3:16)

    Sola Fide which means “Faith Alone” is important because it is one of the distinguishing characteristics or key points that separate the true biblical Gospel from false gospels. (Rom 3:28; 5:1)

    Sola Gratia means “Grace Alone” and it separates the true biblical Gospel from false gospels that cannot save. (Eph 2:8-9, Rom 5:1)

    Sola Christus means “Christ Alone” and teaches that Christ is the only mediator between God and man, and that there is salvation through no other. (John 14:6, Acts 4:12)

    Soli Deo Gloria means “All Glory to God” and teaches that all glory is to be due to God alone, since salvation is accomplished solely through His will and action. (John 14:13; 17:4)

    In a nutshell, I believe that I am sinner (Rom 3:23; 6:23) in need of a redeemer. Isaiah 59:2, saved by Grace alone through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, not by any effort or act on my part but by his birth, life, death and resurrection. I serve him and do good works BECAUSE I love him, not to earn his love. I believe that Christ is God, the same as the Father is God, the same as the Holy Spirit is God and amazingly they are one. (Speaking of their plurality and unity-Gen 1:26; 3:22; 11:7) I believe that he is the one and only God (Isaiah 43:10; 44:6,8). I believe that Christ is my only prophet and mediator (Heb 1:1-2; 3:1;2:14-16)

    If we were to dialogue, I would like to take one issue at a time. Hope you are having a great Holiday.

  11. Sorry I haven’t been back here for a while. Like you, I was swamped by finals, and now the Holidays. I should have some more time now, however.

    My question is more basic: Why do you believe in God? What is it that separates you and me with the billions in the world who do not believe in deity?

    I’ve been asked this question many times. And, to me, archaeological/rational/circumstantial evidences are not sufficient, because they are just that: evidences. I’ve prayed about things and had what I prayed about come to pass, sure, but many people have seen miraculous things happen to them without exercising an ounce of faith in any god. Historical evidences can only corroborate, not prove. As far as logic goes, faith cannot stand up against man’s logic. That’s the point; “we walk by faith, not by sight.” None of these would be enough for me to say that I know a God exists and cares about me.

    I believe that there is a God because I have experienced, hundreds if not thousands of times in my life, what I can only describe as communion with something that was greater than me. An all-encompassing, loving, familiar presence which has enveloped me. It lifts me up, makes me love those around me, expands my mind and helps me to understand, to have patience. It chastens me at times, gently and with great care. And somehow I know that it comes from a being who knows me entirely and loves me perfectly. And there is no evidence I can present that any of this has actually happened, I just know that it has and does and will. That is the basis of my faith.

    The miracles I’ve seen, the scriptures I’ve pondered, the signs and wonders I’ve experiences, they all build off of that fact that I have felt God’s love and presence within me. Without that surety that God really was there, the rest would be insubstantial.

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