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Things that don’t get you into the Kingdom of God

Cross of Sacrifice

Image by Charles Stirton via Flickr

Too often people fail to consider the difference between what God want us to do simply because its right, and what it takes to actually get to heaven. If you ask people what they think will get them to Heaven, you may get some of these answers, however you wont find that any of these things securing salvation in the Old or New Testament!

  1. Doing good works
  2. Being a member of a church
  3. Wearing Christian T-Shirts
  4. Intellectual Belief in God
  5. Memorizing Scripture
  6. Having your name on a list
  7. Trying to follow the 10  Commandments
  8. Being Baptized, fully or partially
  9. Good Intentions
  10. Repeating Prayers in a  particular pattern
  11. Growing Up in Church
  12. Going to Bible Studies
  13. Washing the Pastors Car
  14. Tithing to the Church
  15. Having a good feeling
  16. Being Confirmed
  17. Teaching Sunday School
  18. Showing Up to Church weekly
  19. Having Parents that are  Christians
  20. Being Religious
  21. Carrying a Cross in your  Pocket
  22. Praying
  23. Reading your Bible
  24. Going to a Christian School
  25. Doing all of these things!!!

So how do you get there?

Check out John Chapter Three for the answer


 I assure

you are BORN AGAIN you can never



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