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Two Weeks on Women of the Bible

Esther Before the King (Est. 5:1-8)

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I know that sometimes we can have a great motivation to read the Bible. These Bible reading sets I will post are only two weeks,.you can hang on that long right? I found these on the net somewhere and do not claim them as my own, although you could probably put together a couple of weeks worth of readings on a topic with the right tools. As they say,.. Ladies First.


Day 1, Genesis 2: Eve, the first woman

Day 2, Genesis 18: Sarah laughs at God’s promise

Day 3, Genesis 24: Rebekah’s marriage to Isaac

Day 4, Genesis 27: Rebekah, the manipulative mother

Day 5, Judges 4: Deborah’s leadership frees her people

Day 6, Ruth 1: Ruth and Naomi’s deep friendship

Day 7, 1 Samuel 1: Hannah prays for a son


Day 8, 1 Kings 17: A poor widow and the prophet Elijah

Day 9, 1 Kings 21: Jezebel, an emblem of wickedness

Day 10, Esther 2: Esther is chosen as queen

Day 11, Esther 4: Esther’s courage at the risk of death

Day 12, Luke 1: Mary and Elizabeth receive great news

Day 13, Luke 2: Mary gives birth to Jesus

Day 14, John 11: Mary and Martha and their brother’s death


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