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Two Weeks In the Bible on Prayer

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Prayer at times can seem to be a complicated thing. There seems to be many ways, styles and methods. I think that each of us has an intense longing to talk to God, and in the end, that is all that prayer truly is, talking to God. However, I think that our difficulty when we want to pray and we have no real relationship with God.  This set of readings take us through various prayers through the Old and New Testaments that demonstrate faith, longing, pain, hope, remorse, praise, and thanks displayed through RELATIONSHIP.  I hope you will see role that faith and relationship play in prayer!


Day 1, Genesis 18: Abraham’s plea for Sodom

Day 2, Exodus 15: Moses’ song to the Lord

Day 3, Exodus 33: Moses meets with God

Day 4, 2 Samuel 7: David’s response to God’s promises

Day 5, 1 Kings 8: Solomon’s dedication of the temple

Day 6, 2 Chronicles 20: Jehoshaphat prays for victory

Day 7, Ezra 9: Ezra’s prayer for the people’s sins


Day 8, Psalm 22: A cry to God for help

Day 9, Psalm 104: A prayer of praise

Day 10, Daniel 9: Daniel’s prayer for the salvation of Jerusalem

Day 11, Habakkuk 3: A prophet’s prayer of acceptance

Day 12, Matthew 6: The Lord’s prayer

Day 13, John 17: Jesus’ prayer for his disciples

Day 14, Colossians 1: Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving


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