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Two Weeks In the Bible on the Holy Spirit

How do we come to know the Holy Spirit?

Be quiet and listen. “In the craziness of our world, it takes tremendous effort to find a quiet place.

It takes time to quiet your mind and your heart before the Lord,” says Chan. Maybe we need to make a special effort to listen, instead of distracting ourselves with our phones, emails, televisions, video games, to-do lists, etc.

Once we make space for the Spirit and full-heartedly attempt to get to know Him, we’ll be able to draw closer. We are also called to take chances in our lives; “put [ourselves] out there,” in a situation where we need the Spirit’s guidance. We’re only given one life. We can either live the gospel, or we could sit in complacency. “Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the ‘Helper’ or ‘Comforter,’” Chan writes. How do we expect the Spirit to help or comfort us if we aren’t in situations where we need Him?


Day 1, Judges 14: The Spirit gives Samson strength

Day 2, 1 Samuel 10: King Saul’s experience

Day 3, Matthew 3:1–4:10: Role in Jesus’ baptism and temptation

Day 4, John 14: Jesus promises the Spirit

Day 5, John 16: The work of the Spirit

Day 6, Acts 2: The Spirit comes at Pentecost

Day 7, Acts 10: The Spirit guides Peter to accept Gentiles


Day 8, Romans 8: Christians’ victory in the Spirit

Day 9, 1 Corinthians 2: Wisdom from the Spirit

Day 10, 1 Corinthians 12: Gifts of the Spirit

Day 11, 1 Corinthians 14: Gifts of tongues and prophecy

Day 12, Galatians 5: Life in the Spirit

Day 13, Ephesians 4: Unity and gifts

Day 14, 1 John 4: Signs of the Spirit


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