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Two Weeks In the Bible on Seeking after Christ

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What is a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? Well the logical place to look would be God’s word. This set of readings takes us through both the Old and New Testaments to give us an appreciation of the price Christ paid and the Grace that we are given. When we think about what God has done for us, we can see that our coming to salvation is not so much a bold move on our part, but rather an inspiring move on God’s part. If you are a believer I hope that these reading will encourage you to look at your salvation with fresh eyes, not taking what God has done for granted. If you are skeptical or considering the claims of Christ, read for yourself and see what you can discover in God’s word.


Day 1, Genesis 3: The first sin creates a need

Day 2, Isaiah 52: Salvation prophesied

Day 3, Isaiah 53: The role of the suffering servant

Day 4, Luke 15: Three stories about God’s love

Day 5, John 3: Jesus explains “born again”

Day 6, John 10: The good shepherd

Day 7, Acts 8: Conversions spread outside the Jews


Day 8, Acts 26: Paul testifies of his conversion before a king

Day 9, Romans 3: God’s provision for sin

Day 10, Romans 5: Peace with God

Day 11, Galatians 3: Salvation unavailable by obeying the law

Day 12, Ephesians 2: New life in Christ

Day 13, 1 Peter 1: Future rewards of salvation

Day 14, 2 Peter 1: Making your salvation sure


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