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Do All Paths Lead to God?

Can you identify these different belief systems?

#1—Our ultimate goal is the extinction of desire—to become nothing. Come join us!
#2—We’re still waiting for our Messiah to appear. Come join us!
#3—Sow in this life, reap in the next, and eventually be reunited with God. Come join us!
#4—The world is an illusion. Reality is spiritual and invisible. Come join us!
#5—God creates both good and evil. God controls all that we do. Come join us!
#6—God is called good because he causes good, but goodness is not part of his essence. Come join us!
#7—”I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me.” Come join me!

Each one of these belief systems have exclusive claims. That means that they cannot all stand side by side with equal validity.  They all may have an  element of truths, such as basic moral truths. Take the time to examine the core beliefs of these different faiths.

Let’s be honest, to say that each one is the same,.. is to disrespect the teachings of each. By all means do the research and look at the core beliefs of each, laying them side by side. Can they truly all be saying the same thing? No, Not when they each have not only different ways of getting to God, but different concepts of who and what God even is!
The answers are below,..just in case you want to check your answers.

(#1—Buddhism. #2—Judaism. #3—Hinduism. #4—Hinduism or Buddhism. #5—Islam. #6—Islam. #7—Christianity.)


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