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Excellent Blogs, Websites and Podcasts

These are a few of the Blogs that I love to read and keep up with. Most are focused on Youth Ministry or Christian Leadership others are just plain fun! This list will be growing all the time.

Greg Stier

The author and mad man behind Ministry Mutiny- A Youth Leader Fable and Dare 2 Share

Check out the Podcast available on iTunes

Jonathan McKee


Jonathan McKee- Master overseer and the Source for Youth Ministry. A great podcast and blog on culture life and ministry. Articles, games, messages, ideas, reviews and so much more.

Tim Schmoyer

Life in Student Ministry

This guy has more stuff than you can possibly take in on his site. You wont exhaust this site. Articles, ideas, reviews, Freebie Friday, Live Youth Ministry discussions, free e books, games, resources, facebook group and more, oh yes there is more.

Josh Griffin

Connected with Saddleback church Josh is the big man on the scene. On his blog, you will find videos, fun stuff, musings about life, things he thought about when he was supposed to be paying attention at a staff meeting, tips and help for the Youth Pastor, his gleanings from other blogs and of course don’t forget to check out the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast on iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Excellent Blogs, Websites and Podcasts

  1. You are a very smart person!

  2. I just love your weblog! Very nice post! Still you can do many things to improve it.


  3. kealnt on said:

    Thanks guys I am still learning much! I hope you come back as time allows!

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