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Fun Music for Downtime

Here are some bands that I love, alas they are no more. Actually, Reese Roper is the front man and he has been in two other bands, one is Roper,.. can you guess where they got the name. They put out one CD, and he is best known for his long running SKA band FIF or Five Iron Frenzy. Reese is an amazing lyricist who has songs of incredible depth about the compassion of Christ, such as “Under the Bridges”, and songs that demonstrate his extreme goofyness about math geeks such as Five Iron Frenzy’s “You can’t Handle this”, and finally a song about enduring love in Roper’s “Vendetta”. He has also been involved in “Guerilla Rodeo” with others from Relient K and the Supertones although it is a bit harder to find!


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